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We compare and review the UKs top home shopping catalogues including catalogues for women, men, kids, furniture, lingerie and more!

Another advantage that home catalogue shopping brings is that you wont have to jostle and bustle with the hundreds of shoppers that tend to visit the shopping centres and high streets. This means that you can now enjoy your weekend shopping without having to break a sweat. Its important to note that catalogues list all the items on an as is basis. This means that whatever is listed in each category resembles the exact item youll receive once you decide to make the purchase. You will of course be able to make certain adjustments regarding size and colour.

Whats even better is that theres usually no pressure when youre looking through the catalogues. This is a lot better than the experience of physically browsing through items in a store as theres always a sales representative trying to rush you through.

The catalogues offer the ideal alternative to the traditional method of window shopping from one store to another. Theres plenty of information available in the catalogues which you can use to determine all the items that youd like to buy without even having to leave your home.

Looking for a catalogue that specialises in womens shion and accessories? We have a huge selection of the most popular womens catalogues in the UK to choose from.

In case you need to send certain suggestions and tips to your friends and relatives, shopping catalogues provide the ideal solution. They come in handy during certain events such as birthdays, anniversaries and other special celebrations too. The catalogues have plenty of items for newly born babies, young kids, teenagers, men and women. This wide range of options means that there are plenty of items on offer for everyone in the mily.

Its now very possible to get access to plenty of shopping information which will help to broaden your horizon the next time you decide to go shopping. In addition to the traditional mail you get in your physical address, you can also make use of a number of online shopping catalogues that contain plenty of useful information as well.

Whilst there arent many catalogues that focus solely on mens clothing, there are still a few that do. Here we compare each mens catalogue so you can choose the best!

Many catalogues now offer numerous credit options including buy now pay later and spread the cost in monthly or weekly installments.

There are also a number of deals and discounts for using online catalogues which makes this an even more effective method of shopping. Each of the listed items has a price beside it which enables you to calculate the total amount of all items that you intend to buy. This is a great way to plan your finances in advance and thereafter avoid any impulse buying.

Home shopping catalogues have been designed in a very attractive and convenient manner that makes it a lot easier to identify the exact items youre looking for. This makes them r easier and efficient to use rather than having to go from one store to another looking for items to buy.

Need to buy some baby clothes or accessories? Look no further. Here we compare and review the UKs best catalogues that specialise in baby clothes, accessories and other products.

Best markets in Sfarm fresh markethanghai

Heres a pick of seven of the citys best markets, selling everything from vintage propaganda posters to cheap prescription glasses and Burberry-style kids coats.

A visiting photographer friend spotted a 16 GB, 30 MB/second SanDisk Ultra CompactFlash Card for RMB 320 — the same card going for RMB 915 in a shop on Shanghais pricey shopping thoroughre, Nanjing Lu.

The flowers are fresh, cheap and abundant, with clusters of purple and pink blooms that seem transported out of an Impressionist painting.

Xing Guang photography equipment center, 300 Luban Lu near Xietu Lu, 300, +86 21 6301 8248, open daily 9 a.m.-7 p.m.

A friend and I, both with basic nearsightedness, brought in our prescriptions and picked out cherry red frames. We each paid RMB 200, with lenses and a quick eye checkup included. Our glasses were ready in an hour.

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The few English-language books tend to be amusing, like a coffee table book called Timeless Tiaras. Other odd finds include a biography of Prince Philip and a guidebook to Oregon.

The prices get cheaper the higher up you go, says 23-year-old sales engineer and amateur photographer Sunny Xia ().

The market also stocks eye-catching pets, including enormous goldfish, floppy-eared rabbits and birds that squawk ni hao.

Hongqiao Bird and Flower Market, 718 Hongjing Lu, near Hongsong Lu 718, 
, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

The markets are where locals spend their renminbi — and though the settings are sometimes dingy, the deals are glee-inducing.

And dont miss the kitschy lawn ornaments, such as a hulking white unicorn with an asking price of RMB 22,000.

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The local homemakers from the sedate Hongqiao neighborhood come for the tasteful housewares on offer, from quilts to wicker baskets to dainty ceramic dishes with pastel glazing.

Patient shoppers — those who come without kids — can unearth Kenzo and Burberry overstocks from the bins. For anyone crazy enough to shop with little ones in tow, theres a play area where kids can scamper and overwhelmed parents can stare into space.

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But anyone seeking flashier re will not be disappointed.

Enjoy the cheapness while it lasts — the kilometer-long shopping mecca will eventually be replaced by a ncy shion district. But no specific timeline has been released for the streets transformation.

The sign outside says bargaining is appropriate, but shopkeepers here seem more resistant to haggling than at other markets.

The shops also stock more subtle styles, like tortoiseshell and metal frames, as well as contacts lenses and sunglasses.

Stands sell 1930s-style posters featuring glamorous smiling Shanghai ladies, or statuettes of Chairman Mao playing ping pong (RMB 50 after bargaining). Charming tin cookie bins have enough rust on them to look plausibly vintage.

No matter — there are still deals to be had, including Western brands overstock, some with imperfections.

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Qipu Lu isnt for everyone — but if your idea of fun is digging through a cardboard box to find an RMB 15 T-shirt with Hello Kitty prints, then its worth a stop.

This is the place to stock up on kids party supplies, toys, stickers, swim gear, Halloween costumes and stocking stuffers.

Its a good place to find cheap but original gifts. Propaganda pamphlets have arresting bright covers and would look smart on a coffee table.

3 Yeh optical market, 4-5/F, 360 Meiyuan Lu, near the Shanghai Railway Station 360, , 9 a.m.-7 p.m., I say this list would feature only markets prized by locals for good deals? In this case, I lied.

Every Sunday, vendors set up rainbow-hued umbrellas in the courtyard, and the haze from chain-smoking booksellers blends with incense from the temple.

Who actually buys stuff at Shanghais pricey luxury malls? Even the nouveau riches seem mostly to go to see and be seen, Starbucks lattes in hand.

Qipu Lu clothing market, Qipu Lu, near Henan Bei Lu , , 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.,  Hongqiao indoor flower market is the place to go to escape from the futuristic Shanghai landscape and pretend for an afternoon that youre in charming Paris instead of hectic Shanghai.

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Its also a must for ns of clothes that sport amusing or incomprehensible Chinglish slogans. I laughed out loud at a billboard advertising the DULL apparel line — DULL for Delicate, Unique, Lovely and Legendary, of course.

The Qipu Lu main drag encompasses outdoor shops as well as dingy malls with floors covered in bric fuzz, peanut shells and who knows what else.

Neon Kids Plaza, 10 Puan Lu, near Jinling Lu 10, , +86 21 5383 6218, 9:30 a.m.-8 p.m., contrast to what the market actually stocks, the name of the optical mall, 3 Yeh, means three leaves in Chinese.

Comic ns might like pocket-sized Tintin comics from the 1980s, with text in Chinese (two for RMB 100).

Its damp, its underground and it has all the charm of a subway station. But this childrens market in central Shanghai is known to make thrifty Shanghainese swoon and throw cash around. To make matters worse, the shops accept credit cards.

But even for non-Chinese speakers, and for people who might be put off by the RMB 10 entrance fee to the temple, the book market deserves a visit for the atmosphere.

Many of the antiques arent old, but theyre fun.

At this maze of stands near Shanghai Railway Station, glasses come in colors as mouth-watering as lollipops, and theyre nearly as cheap.

Located in the courtyard of a Confucian temple near Shanghai old town, this popular Sunday market mainly sells secondhand Chinese-language books, from contemporary novels and 1980s comic strips to ancient pamphlets to be read from back to front and right to left.

Stands stock Canon, Nikon, Olympus and vintage cameras.

I bought Stride Rite sneakers with no visible flaws for RMB 59 and a gauzy Disney princess costume for RMB 120.

Orchids go for RMB 20 or 30 a stem. Small glass vase centerpieces brimming with delicate buds are another bargain at RMB 20.

Dongtai Lu antiques market, Dongtai Lu, near Liukehou Lu , , 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

With several big repair shops inside, the market is also a good place to take broken cameras. And there are plenty of tempting gadgets and gear for sale, from stylish camera bags to those cool Indiana Jones-style photojournalist vests covered with pockets.

The problem with buying glasses in the United States or Europe is theyre so expensive you can only afford one pair — which usually means something staid. Shanghai is the place to unleash your inner Elton John.

Wenmiao book market, 215 Wenmiao Lu, near Zhonghua Lu 215, , 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (every Sunday), are six floors of camera and photo equipment to check out in this mall in the former French Concession, so dont buy until youve scoped out the whole building.

But bear with me. If youre visiting Shanghai and only have time for one market — a place combining local charm and souvenir shopping — this is a good bet. Its in an enclave of hanging laundry, locals washing their vegetables in the street and kids playing tag. Just dont forget to bargain hard.

A rsighted friend had less luck — the shop didnt thin out his hefty lenses enough, and he turned down the glasses they made for him. Anyone with an unusual prescription should proceed with caution.

You can buy all this stuff cheaper on the Internet, observed Hong Kong native K K Man (), taking pictures of the bric-a-brac.

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Melbourne Queen Victoria Mcoupons shoppingarket

This is no pristine or upmarket boutique site. It is a site full of old-world charm and brings back memories of traditional market shopping, with stallholders calling out the benefits of their wares. It is one of the more interesting Melbourne city-centre shopping experiences.

Over half of the markets are dedicated to fresh food and produce. You can discover (and taste) your way through 38 delis in the Dairy hall, join the noisy rivalry of the fish and meat markets, browse your way through many halls of the freshest fruit and vegetables and explore the specialist organic market.

You can find the Queen Vic Markets at the corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Streets in Melbourne, Victoria. The markets are on tram and train routes, so see a public transport map of Melbourne to help plan your trip.

The Queen Vic Markets (not to be confused with Melbourne QV an upmarket shopping precinct in Melbourne Australia) are unlike the majority of Melbourne city shopping centres. While there is an eclectic mix of shion and general merchandise, the main purpose of these Melbourne markets is food.

The Melbourne Queen Victoria Market has been operating since 1866 when the meat section first opened. The iconic Queen Victoria Street Markets cover over 7 hectares of rambling enclosed food halls and open air sheds, shops and stalls.

The day that the market really comes alive is Sunday, or mily day. On Sundays, Queen Street, Melbourne is closed through the markets and laughter from kids rides competes with music from buskers and jazz bands.

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Markets and Bazaars in Beijing























































greenery youll see while youre here. Row after row of colorful orchids, peonies, bonsai













pottery of the Tang Dynasty, ), Cloisonne, Inner Mongolian crystal and agate,





feature-and thats just half of it. If its the antiques youre after, get there at the crack of








































printable grocery couponBest Home Dcor Shopping in New York

Overby and Dunn gets a complete makeover each month which means it might be wise to scoop up their restless range of interior accents while you can.

, ,

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, ,

New Yorkers looking for cheaper decor items always search the three stories in Chinatowns Pearl River Mart first.

Weve selected the nominees, its up to you to pick the winners.

, ,

The Upper East Side stalwart has been a decorators dream for over 50 years, especially when youre modernizing an older apartment.

Twice yearly sample sales mean this apartment you wish you had is full of decor you may never see again.

Every good home decorator knows to stop at the West Villages Adelaide on Saturdays to spot new furniture before someone else gets it.

, ,

This Brooklyn boutique carries a range of high end furnitures designers from Paul Evans to Eames. Come for the high quality room staples and stay for the Mid

Counting your vote…

, ,

Dalegate Market Shopping Cafe Burnham Deepdale Nor

, Deepdale Camping, Deepdale Tipis and Yurts and Deepdale Granary Group Hostel. There are also many other things to do and see in the village – Brancaster Staithe & Burnham Deepdale.

Supermarket, provisions, fuel station (petrol & diesel), cafe, clothing, jewellery, accessories, souvenirs, art, wildlife watching equipment, bike hire & holiday accommodation

a week at a time throughout the Summer and at various other times of the year. Dalegate Market is also home to one of the major North Norfolk Coast events – Deepdale Christmas Market.

, offering breakst, lunch, tea, coffee and cake. The shopping site is home to mainly independent shops – Leftleys of Burnham Deepdale supermarket & fuel station (petrol & diesel), Fat Face clothing & accessories shop, Gone Crabbing Norfolk clothing & souvenirs shop, Relish jewellery & accessories boutique, One Stop Nature Shop, The Hare & The Hen gallery and Philippa Lee pottery workshop. The shops are joined by Deepdale Bike Hire, Norfolk Hideaways holiday cottage agency and Deepdale Information visitor information centre (TIC).

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Top Shanghai grocery shopShopping Markets

Comments: This is an interesting place to see some non-Han Chinese culture. Check ot the different offerings, sample some street food and even have a wander around the mosque. Most of the vendors come from Xinjiang Province and their cuisine is very different from eastern China. Folks are friendly but dont speak a lot of Mandarin – hand signals and smiles are useful. Ask before taking photos. See photos.

Comments: Dong Tai Road is a lot of fun, especially if youre in the mood to just wander and look at junk. Youll find every kind of Mao memorabilia to old records, photos, lanterns, porcelain, chopsticks and knick-knacks. Remember to bargain hard here and have fun treasure hunting.

Comments: Go to see the flower culture of China. Especially during Chinese New Year, the flowers and plants are just amazing.

Comments: This market is very similar to 6, but is much quieter and has a lot fewer foreigners standing around looking confused. Youll find the same brics – cashmere, silk, linen, wool and cotton at similar prices. Many vendors speak a bit of English but if youre having something complicated made, its best to take along someone who can speak a bit of Chinese.

Comments: Make sure you go with plenty of time. A few well-spent hours digging through the piles in this warehouse will surely yield some amazing treasures.

Comments: This is the standard ke market in Shanghai. There are plenty of sub-par products here and loads of souvenirs. You can stock up on stuffed pandas, brocade table runners, China t-shirts and chopsticks as well as ke Ugg boots, various brands of bags, copy electronics and sports jerseys from just about any team in the world. Bargain hard, the asking prices are outrageous.

Comments: If you are like me, you can afford one pair of glasses every few years. You wear them so long that your friends have to tell you that round Harry Potter glasses are really, really out. Those days are over. One trip to the Shanghai Optical Market and youll have new ce furniture for every outfit.

The term market is flexible, and in Shanghai, it applies to vendors selling virtually the same thing all under one roof, or in one open section of space. Unlike the Western sense of competition, the Chinese believe that if you are all selling the same thing, youll attract more customers. Fair enough.

Comments: Let ntasy be your guide. For pennies, you can design jewelry to your hearts content. Every vendor will have loads of ready-made jewelry for you to look over but you can also design your own. Just wait a few minutes and theyll string everything for you as you watch. Remember the golden rule: bargain, bargain, bargain!

Description: Small area of a street with roadside vendors gathered selling Muslim foods and products.

Indeed, this makes life easy for the shopper. Want pearls? Go to the pearl market. Want bric? Go to the bric market. Want crickets? You guessed it, go to the cricket market. Just remember your bargaining skills! Youll need them in the markets of Shanghai.

Address: No. 1788-A Ji Yang Road, near Shang Pu South Road 1788A100).

Comments: If you want to get all your tea shopping done in one place, this is it. If you can, take along a Chinese speaker. None available? No problem, allow yourself plenty of time. Arm yourself with a dictionary and go sample tea. Shop owners are extremely friendly. Dont be afraid to touch and smell, ask for tastes. Most will invite you in to have a cup of tea, smell the wares and browse at will. The first two floors are all tea, the third floor is a mix of tea and curios. Youll find everything from Long Jing green tea, , jasmine, oolong, everything is here.

Comments: Unless youre in the market for fighting crickets or grubs to feed your birdies, this is more of a gawk-stop than a real shopping trip. Its worth the trip for the weird and unusual and youll get some great photos.

Address: In front of the Huxi Mosque, 1328 Changde Lu, near Aomen Lu, Northern Jingan District (1328 )

One of many such views in the Mu Lan Hua Ge Antique and Curio Warehouse in Shanghais Pudong district.

Address: 1148 Changshou Road, near Wanhangdu Road 1148

Opening hours: Weekly Fridays from morning until afternoon (best to go in mornings before lunchtime to catch all vendors